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African Bird


Also known as African Devil or Peri Peri. This pepper is available in powder, flakes and dried pods. African Bird grows wild in Africa. Goes good in manades and seafood. It is very popular in Asian cuisine. Heat level mild/hot.

Ghost Pepper


Also known as Bhut Jolokia is available in powder, flakes and dried pods. This pepper was introduced to the Western World in early zero and today it is popular all over the world. Goes good in soup, sauces, as pizza toppings or anything else you can think of. Heat level is hot.

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The Ghost Pepper is considered one of the hottest peppers in the world, clocking in at over 1 million units on the Scoville scale.

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Starting as a gardening hobby – Ghost Peppers Today is now one of the biggest distributors of Ghost Peppers in the USA.

Record Winning

Ghost Peppers joined the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s spiciest tropical species in 2006.

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